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  Over eleven years of extensive computer/electronics experience.Versed in both digital and analog electronics withspecific emphasis on computer hardware/software.Special expertise in system and component evaluation.Network supervisor responsible for installing/maintaining Arcnet LAN system.Proficient in assembly and C programming languages.Excelent communication skills including written,verbal and interpersonal.
  Stevenson Data Systems,Los Angeles,CA 1981-1993
  Components Evaluation Engineer 1992-1993
  Responsible for the characterization and evaluation of, and approved vendors list for:Power supplies,oscillators,crystals,and programmable logic used in desktop and laptop computers.Evaluated and recommended quality components that increased product profitability.Created adn developed power supply test plan used for evqluating third party power supplies.Interacted with vendors to resolve problems associated with components qualification.Technical advisor for Purchasing.Promoted to engineer II.
  Design Evaluation Engineer 1990-1992
  Evaluated new computer product designs ,solving environmental problems on prototype computers.Conducted systems analysis on new computer profucts to ensure hardware,software and mechanical design integrity.Designed hardware and software for PC,ISA bus programmable load board used for environmental testing.Performed reliability lift testing on computer systems.Installed/maintained 20 user.Novell,Arcnet LAN system.Examined system and sub-system susceptibility to electrostatic discharge in order to meet IEC-801-2 industry standards.Analyzed complete power and load of computer system and subsystem to verify power and load estimations.
  Assistant Engineer 1981-1990
  Performed extensive hardware evaluation ion prototype computers,tested prototype units for timing violation using the latest state-of-the-art test equipment,digital oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.Performed emvironmental,ESD and acoustic testing.Designed and built a power-up test used to test prototype computers during cold boot.
  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  --University of Southern California 1990
  Associate in Engineering Electronics
  --University of Southern California 1981
  Job descriptions emphasize candidate's accomploshments.
  Work history is stated in reverse chronological order,with most recent employment listed first.

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