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    Job-seekers know from harsh experience that the toughest hurdle in a job search is getting the interview. Once you get the interview, you’ve got some control over the process -- at that stage, you just have to do your research, and be on your game.


  The resume has a harder job than you do. It’s got to get you in the door. That’s why it’s essential for job-seekers to avoid these five resume-killing phrases. Take a look -- are any of these toxic claims poisoning your resume now?


  1."I am the best candidate for the job."


  At the resume stage, this is an irresponsible and presumptuous thing to say. Obviously, you don’t know who else is applying for the job or how your qualifications stack up. Say instead, "I am very interested and believe I’m qualified for the job." Then, use the next sentence of your resume or cover letter to say how.


  2."I have a proven track record of success."


  Apart from its 10-out-of-10 rating on the Legendary Clich scale, this sentence makes no sense. What other kind of track record is there? There’s no such thing as an unproven track record. The "success" bit on the end only lowers the perceived IQ of the writer. Replace this boilerplate phrase with a story about something specific you did to help your last employer.


  3. "I left this job because of disagreements with management."


  I would never advise you to lie on a resume, but the problems-with-management message stands out like a neon sign on a resume and spells trouble. Instead say, "A shift in organizational priorities made this role less of a fit for me over time" or, "I’d learned a ton at that job, but it was time to go."


  4."I am an out-of-the-box thinker."


  The thing about true out-of-the-box thinkers is they’d never use this clich. Don’t tell us that you’re creative. Give us an example of your creativity, like "I revamped the Accounts Payable process and saved our company $1M."


  5."My qualifications are evident."


  Don’t assume that your qualifications shine though -- spell them out for us. Employers want to know that you’re qualified for this job, and that means you’ve got to customize your resume (as well as your cover letter) for every single opening you apply for. The extra time investment is worth it -- there’s a good job available for someone, and it might as well be you!


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