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经济金融术语汉英对照表 E-F

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恶性通货膨胀 hyperinflation
二级市场 secondary market

发行货币 to issue currency
发行总股本 total stock issue
法定准备金 required reserves;reserve requirement
法人股 institutional shares
法人股东 institutional shareholders
法治 rule of law
房地产投资 real estate investment
放松银根 to ease monetary policy
非现场稽核 off-site surveillance(or monitoring)
非银行金融机构 non-bank financial institutions
非赢利性机构 non-profit organizations
分税制 assignment of central and local taxes;tax assignment system
分业经营 segregation of financial business(services);division of business scope based on the type of financial institutions
风险暴露(风险敞口) risk exposure
风险管理 risk management
风险意识 risk awareness
风险资本比例 risk-weighted capital ratios
风险资本标准 risk-based capital standard
服务事业收入 public service charges;user's charges
扶贫 poverty alleviation
负增长 negative growth
复式预算制 double-entry budgeting;capital and current budgetary account

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