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经济金融术语汉英对照表 G

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改革试点 reform experimentation
杠杆率 leverage ratio
杠杆收购 leveraged buyout
高息集资 to raise funds by offering high interest
个人股 non-institutional shares
根本扭转 fundamental turnaround(or reversal)
公开市场操作 open market operations
公款私存 deposit public funds in personal accounts
公用事业 public utilities
公有经济 the state-owned sector;the public sector
公有制 public ownership
工业成本利润率 profit-to-cost ratio
工业增加值 industrial value added
供大于求 supply exceeding demand;excessive supply
鼓励措施 incentives
股份合作企业 joint-equity cooperative enterprises
股份制企业 joint-equity enterprises
股份制银行 joint-equity banks
固定资产贷款 fixed asset loans
关税减免 tariff reduction and exemption
关税减让 tariff concessions
关税优惠 tariff incentives;preferential tariff treatment
规范行为 to regularize(or standardize)…behavior
规模效益 economies of scale
国计民生 national interest and people's livelihood
国家对个人其他支出 other government outlays to individuals
国家风险 country risk
国际分工 international division of labor
国际收支 balance of payments
国有独资商业银行 wholly state-owned commercial banks
国有经济(部门) the state-owned(or public)sector
国有企业 state-owned enterprises(SOEs)
国有制 state-ownership
国有资产流失 erosion of state assets
国债回购 government securities repurchase
国债一级自营商 primary underwriters of government securities
过度竞争 excessive competition
过度膨胀 excessive expansion
过热迹象 signs of overheating

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