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经济金融术语汉英对照表 J

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基本建设投资 investment in infrastructure
基本经济要素 economic fundamentals
基本适度 broadly appropriate
基准利率 benchmark interest rate
机关团体存款 deposits of non-profit institutions
机会成本 opportunity cost
激励机制 incentive mechanism
积压严重 heavy stockpile;excessive inventory
挤提存款 run on banks
挤占挪用 unwarranted diversion of(financial)resources(from designated uses)
技改投资 investment in technological upgrading
技术密集型产品 technology-intensive product
计划单列市 municipalities with independent planning status
计划经济 planned economy
集体经济 the collective sector
加大结构调整力度 to intensify structural adjustment
加工贸易 processing trade
加快态势 accelerating trend
加强税收征管稽查 to enhance tax administration
加权价 weighted average price
价格放开 price liberalization
价格形成机制 pricing mechanism
减亏 to reduce losses
简化手续 to cut red tape;to simplify(streamline)procedures
交投活跃 brisk trading
缴存准备金 to deposit required reserves
结构扭曲 structural distortion
结构失调 structural imbalance
结构性矛盾突出 acute structural imbalance
结构优化 structural improvement(optimization)
结汇、售汇 sale and purchase of foreign exchange
金融脆弱 financial fragility
金融动荡 financial turbulence
金融风波 financial disturbance
金融恐慌 financial panic
金融危机 financial crisis
金融压抑 financial repression
金融衍生物 financial derivatives
金融诈骗 financial fraud
紧缩银根 to tighten monetary policy
紧缩政策 austerity policies;tight financial policies
经常账户可兑换 current account convertibility
经济特区 special economic zones(SEZs)
经济体制改革 economic reform
经济增长方式的转变 change in the main source of economic growth(from investment expansion to efficiency gains)
经济增长减速 economic slowdown;moderation in economic growth
经济制裁 economic sanction
经营自主权 autonomy in management
景气回升 recovery in business activity
境外投资 overseas investment
竞争加剧 intensifying competition
局部性金融风波 localized(isolated)financial disturbance

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