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经济金融术语汉英对照表 M-P

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买方市场 buyer's market
卖方市场 seller's market
卖出回购证券 matched sale of repo
贸易差额 trade balance
民间信用 non-institutionalized credit
免二减三 exemption of income tax for the first two years ofmaking profit and 50% tax reduction for thefollowing three years
明补 explicit subsidy
明亏 explicit loss
名牌产品 brand products
母国(请见 “东道国”) home country

内部控制 internal control
内部审计 internal audit
内地与香港 the mainland and Hong Kong
内债 domestic debt
扭亏为盈 to turn a loss-making enterprise into a profitable one
扭曲金融分配 distorted allocation of financial resources
农副产品采购支出 outlays for agricultural procurement
农村信用社 rural credit cooperatives(RCCs)

泡沫效应 bubble effect
泡沫经济 bubble economy
培育新的经济增长点 to tap new sources of economic growth
片面追求发展速度 excessive pursuit of growth
平衡发展 balanced development
瓶颈制约 bottleneck(constraints)
平稳回升 steady recovery
铺底流动资金 initial(start-up)working capital
普遍回升 broad-based recovery
配套改革 concomitant(supporting)refor

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