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经济金融术语汉英对照表 Y-Z

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养老基金 pension fund
一刀切 universal application;non-discretionary implementation
一级市场 primary market
应收未收利息 overdue interest
银行网点 banking outlets
赢利能力 profitability
营业税 business tax
硬贷款(商业贷款) commercial loans
用地审批 to grant land use right
有管理的浮动汇率 managed floating exchange rate
证券投资 portfolio investment
游资(热钱) hot money
有市场的产品 marketable products
有效供给 effective supply
诱发新一轮经济扩张 trigger a new round of economic expansion
逾期贷款 overdue loans;past-due loans
与国际惯例接轨 to become compatible with internationally accepted
与国际市场接轨 to integrate with the world market
预算外支出(收入) off-budget (extra-budgetary) expenditure(revenue)
预调 pre-emptive adjustment
月环比 on a month-on-month basis; on a monthly basis

再贷款 central bank lending
在国际金融机构储备头寸 reserve position in international financial institutions
在人行存款 deposits at (with) the central bank
在途资金 fund in float
增加农业投入 to increase investment in agriculture
增势减缓 deceleration of growth;moderation of growthmomentum
增收节支措施 revenue-enhancing and expenditure control measures
增长平稳 steady growth
增值税 value-added tax(VAT)
涨幅偏高 higher-than-desirable growth rate;excessive growth
账外账 concealed accounts
折旧 depreciation
整顿 retrenchment;consolidation
政策工具 policy instrument
政策性业务 policy-related operations
政策性银行 policy banks
政策组合 policy mix
政府干预 government intervention
证券交易清算 settlement of securities transactions
证券业务占款 funding of securities purchase
支付困难 payment difficulty
支付能力 payment capacity
直接调控方式向 to increase the reliance on indirect policy instruments
间接调控方式转变职能转换 transformation of functions
职业道德 professional ethics
指令性措施 mandatory measures
指令性计划 mandatory plan;administered plan
制定和实施货币政策 to conduct monetary policy;to formulate and implement monetary policy
滞后影响 lagged effect
中介机构 intermediaries
中央与地方财政 delineation of fiscal responsibilities
分灶吃饭重点建设 key construction projects;key investment project
周期谷底 bottom(trough)of business cycle
周转速度 velocity
主办银行 main bank
主权风险 sovereign risk
注册资本 registered capital
逐步到位 to phase in;phased implementation
逐步取消 to phase out
抓大放小 to seize the big and free the small(to maintain close oversight on the large state-ownedenterprises and subject smaller ones to market competition)
专款专用 use of funds as ear-marked
转贷 on-lending
转轨经济 transition economy
转机 turnaround
转折关头 turning point
准财政赤字 quasi-fiscal deficit
准货币 quasi-money
资本不足 under-capitalized
资本充足率 capital adequacy ratio
资本利润率 return on capital
资本账户可兑换 capital account convertibility
资不抵债 insolvent;insolvency
资产负债表 balance sheet
资产负债率 liability/asset ratio;ratio of liabilities to assets
资产集中 asset concentration
资产贡献率 asset contribution factor
资产利润率 return on assets (ROA)
资产质量 asset quality
资产组合 asset portfolio
资金成本 cost of funding;cost of capital;financing cost
资金到位 fully funded (project)
资金宽裕 to have sufficient funds
资金利用率 fund utilization rate
资金缺口 financing gap
资金体外循环 financial disintermediation
资金占压 funds tied up
自筹投资项目 self-financed projects
自有资金 equity fund
综合国力 overall national strength(often measured by GDP)
综合效益指标 overall efficiency indicator
综合治理 comprehensive adjustment(retrenchment);over-haul
总成交额 total contract value
总交易量 total amount of transactions
总成本 total cost
最后贷款人 lender of last resort

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