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   I can't miss the ten o'clock train. I'm going to Beijing on business.

    I'm sure it's with the boss again this time.

    Nothing is more stressful than going on a business trip with our boss.

    They scheduled the negotiation at nine tomorrow morning.

    There're still several things that haven't been decided yet before the trip.

    Don't you think it a good thing for you to get out of the office for a couple of days?

    The train isn't crowded at all recently.

    Last time I went on a business trip with the boss I didn't even have enough to eat.

    The first thing you'll do is look for a comfortable hotel.

    You don't know how tight the schedule is for this business trip.

    Quite often we have to play host to them though it's their home ground.

    Nothing's been decided yet. Why going there in such a hurry?

    The company is sometimes very cheap on the travel expenses.

    I like to take an occasional business trip for a change.

    On this trip I have to visit several important customers.

    We always discuss business matters. It's boring.

    Every time I'm back, I have to write a detailed report of the business trip.

    Sometimes you arrive there around two or three o'clock in the morning.

    Business trip is tiring to me.

    She always gets some presents for other people in the office when she's back from a business trip.

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