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       Shall we take up the question of inspection today?


  The inspection of commodity is no easy job.


  Mr. Black is talking with the Chinese importer about inspecting the goods.


  As an integral part of the contract, the inspection of goods has its special importance.


  We should inspect this batch of porcelainware to see if there is any breakage.


  The exporters have the right to inspect the export goods before delivery to the shipping line.


  The inspection should be completed within a month after the arrival of the goods.


  How should we define the inspection rights?




  I'm worried that there might be some disputes over the results of inspection.


  We'll accept the goods only if the results from the two inspections are identical with each other.


  Words and Phrases

   inspection 检验

  inspect 检验

  to inspect A for B 检查A中是否有B

   inspector 检验员

  inspector of tax 税务稽查员

  inspection of commodity 商品检验

  Where do you wish to reinspect the goods?


  The importers have the right to reinspect the goods after their arrival.




  What's the time limit for the reinspection?


  It's very complicated to have the goods reinspected and tested.


  What if the results from the inspection and the reinspection do not coincide with each other?


   Words and Phrases

   reinspect 复验

   reinspection 复验

   Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality do not confirm to the contract?


  The certificate will be issued by China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau or by any of its branches.


  The Inspection Certificate will be signed by the commissioner of your bureau.




  Our certificates are made valid by means of the official seal and personal chop of the commissioner.


  As a rule, our certificate is made out in Chinese and English.


  You may have another certificate showing the goods to be free from radioactive contamination.


  Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them.


  Our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards.


  Is it convenient for you to engage a surveyor?


  We have the best surveyor, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau.




  Words and Phrases

  Inspection Certificate 检验证明

  Inspection Certificate of Quality 质量检验证书

  Inspection Certificate of Quantity 数量检验证书

  surveyor 检验行,公证行

  Additional Words and Phrases

  Inspection Certificate of Weight 重量检验证书

  Inspection Certificate of Origin 产地检验证书

  Inspection Certificate of Value 价值检验证书

  Inspection Certificate of Health 健康检验证书

  Sanitary Inspection Certificate 卫生检验证书

  Veterinary Inspection Certificate 兽医检验证书

  inspection of packing?包装检验

  inspection of loading 监装检验

  inspection of material 材料检验

  inspection of risk 被保险物价的检查



  inspection of storage 监装

  inspection of voucher 凭证检验

  inception of carriage 货车检查

  inspection of document 单证检查

  inspection of fixed asset 固定资产检查

  inspection of incoming merchandise 到货验收

  Inspection Certificate on Damaged cargo 验残检验证书

  Inspection Certificate on Tank 验船证书

  Certificate of Measurement & Weight 货载衡量证书

  Authentic Surveyor 公证签定人

  inspection on cleanliness 清洁检验

  inspection on cleanliness of dry cargo hold 干货舱清洁检验

  inspection on cleanliness of tank 油舱清洁检验

  inspection and acceptance 验收



  inspection before delivery 交货前检验

  inspection after construction 施工后检验

  inspection during construction 在建工程检验

  inspection between process 工序间检验

  inspection report 检验报告

  inspection tag 检查标签

  Inspectorate General of Customs 海关稽查总局

  inspection and certificate fee 检验签证费

  to issue(a certificate) 发……(证明)

  Sworn Measurer 宣誓衡量人

  Underwriters Laboratory 保险商实验室

  Loyd's Surveyor 英国劳氏公证行

  General Superintendence & Co, Geneva (S.G.S) 瑞士日内瓦通用签定后司

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