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定期存款的条件为年利6%, 存期6个月以上, 只要金额1,000元, 我们均乐意接受。 
We shall be pleased to receive a fixed deposit for any amount more than $1,000, for a period over six months at the rate of 6% p.a. 
谨同函寄上新开定期存款第500号存折一份, 面额100,000元, 请查收为荷。该面额等于您寄来换新的旧存=折本金加上利息之和。 
Enclosed please find a new deposit certificate No. 500 for $100,000, which represents the principal and interest of the old certificate you sent us for renewal. 
如存款为100元以上, 我们将乐意接受。 
We shall be glad to receive deposits of 100 yen and upward. 


到目前为止, 我公司应收帐尚有二万美元。兹奉上结算报告书一份, 敬请查收为荷。 
Enclosed we hand you a statement of account to date, showing a balance of $20,000 in our favour, which we trust will be found in order. 
上开帐目, 现正核对, 如无错误, 将遵照贵公司的指示, 将转入新开的帐户内。 
This account is under examination, and if found correct, it shall be carried to a new account, in conformity with your instructions. 
您昨日函敬悉。兹遵照贵方请求, 同函附上结算报告书, 敬请惠予查收为荷。 
Your favour of yesterday was duly received, and we hand you herewith a statement of your account as requested, which we hope you will find correct. 
兹奉上棒铁总价为512,000元清单一份, 恳请列入我公司贷方帐项为荷。 
We hand you our account on the bar iron, amounting to $512,000, which kindly pass to our credit. 

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